Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions encountered when looking for a new flat roof

What Is the Best Flat Roof Material?

There are many flat roof materials today; from traditional bitumen felt membranes to GRP fibreglass and single-ply membranes such as EPDM, the list is endless. In our opinion the best flat roof material can be decided upon a number of factors (i.e., the roof type, the level of complexity and detail involved, and the condition of existing roof substrates). These are all important factors which can determine the most ideal system for your next flat roof purchase.

How Much Does a New Flat Roof Cost?

A straightforward re-covering of an existing flat roof is the lowest cost route, however this method is only recommended when the existing substrates (i.e., roof decking and coverings) are in sound condition. Where the existing substrates are in poor condition, for example, the existing timber decking is damp-rotten, it may be necessary for the roof to be striped and re-decked. In order to calculate an accurate price for the works we would need to attend your property and survey the roof prior to submitting a detailed quote.

My Roof Is Holding Water. Do I Need to Be Concerned?

Ponding water on a flat roof is common and can be evident due to a variety of reasons; some roofs are designed to permanently hold water in the aim of cooling the roof. If the roof has not been designed with adequate drainage falls, surface water may struggle to drain. A drainage fall of 1-80 is considered to be the minimum requirement for effective run off, however even with effective drainage for designs, movement within the existing structure can cause sagging of the supporting roof deck, which in turn can result in surface water retention. Due to the very nature of a water proofing system a small amount of surface water holding on a flat roof should not be of concern as this should evaporate from the roof surface within a short period. We provide a method of effective flat roof drainage by installing tapered furrings under the roof decking before installation.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Flat Roof Insulation?

If you are simply planning to recover your flat roof with new water proofing, and leave the existing water proofing in place, then this is known as a roof repair, not a refurbishment, and upgrading the insulation is not required. However, if the existing water proofing and decking is to be stripped, and if the total U-value including the existing insulation does not meet the requirements of part L of the building regulations, then the insulation will need to be upgraded if possible.

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