Changes to Building Regulations

Customers who are currently receiving quotes for a flat roof refurbishment or repair may not actually be getting comparable quotes due to changes in the building regulations. This may leave you facing difficulties further down the line if the quote you accept doesn't take the following information into account. The revision, from 2002, of approved document L of the building regulations, conservation of fuel and power, actually came into force in April 2006. The idea behind this revision was to help implement the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) of trying to reduce the energy used in buildings, relative to the pre-directive, by between 20% and 28%.

How This Affects Your Flat Roof Repair and Refurbishment

The revision of the regulations means that when a flat roof is being refurbished there may need to be some extra work carried out on the insulation of that roof, which is likely to incur an extra charge. If your roofing contractor, however, doesn't take into account the likely cost of insulation work in your flat roof refurbishment quote, you are not only receiving an essentially inaccurate, low quote, but also facing other implications. The roofing contractor may not be aware of the revised building regulation, or worse, may not carry out the extra insulation work. For more details, enquires about exemptions, and general help on this matter, contact your Local Authority Building Control office.

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